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From Italy to the U.S.A. CaraBella Brings you 

"A True Taste of Italy"

From Italy to America, CaraBella brings you the best product Italy has to offer. From organic and non-organic to multi-flavoured products. Add a little zest to your meals with an all-natural olive oil. Based in Hoboken, NJ, we import only the finest of Italian olives. 

CaraBella chooses Quality

The millenary tradition created by our forebears has left us with the secrets of how to achieve excellence in our products. The use of native varieties of olive: Dolce di Rossano, Tondina and Carolea. Organic farming methods, favoured by an ideal micro-climate, manual, selective picking, immediate crushing, the meticulous attention to the extraction process using the ancient stone crushing method, natural decanting, filtering and bottling in hygienic conditions ensure the quality of our oil.

CaraBella farms are located in South Italy; in the gentle, sunny plain of Sibaris, and are one of the leading producers of olive oil in Calabria. Run with care and passion by the Esposito family for generations our family produces and markets more than 800 tons a year of extra virgin olive oil. Tasting them means to rediscover the flavors which nature offers; so generous towards those who respect its identity and acknowledge CaraBella believes in organic farming and the cultivation of local products. On the lands of the farm, the products are certified BIOSUISSE, IFOAM and NOP. Organic farming products, plants grow vigorous and strong. Controlled by the I.C.E.A., are
observing the standards established the EEC the warm embrace of the sun, enveloped in the spell of time, which loses its traces in antiquity.